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  • Brahm Mohindra was cut at the last minute from the post of Deputy CM of Punjab
  • It is believed that Brahm Mohindra has been punished for being close to the Captain.
  • OP Soni takes oath as Deputy CM with Sukhjinder Randhawa in place of Mohindra

Political upheaval continues in Punjab even after the issue of Chief Minister’s post is resolved. He was the strongest contender for the post of Deputy Chief Minister of the state. brahm mohindra At the last moment the leaf was cut. It is believed that he is the former Chief Minister. Capt Amarinder Singh Has suffered the brunt of closeness. Brahm Mohindra is the senior-most minister in the Punjab cabinet. Also, being a Hindu face, he was considered a strong contender for the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Since the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh, there has been a constant stir in the politics of Punjab. First the name of Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa came up for the post of CM, but later the party high command changed the decision. Charanjit Singh Channi Nominated CM. The matter was settled that there was a tussle over the Deputy CM as well. Till the swearing-in of Charanjit Singh Channi on Monday, two names were running for the Deputy CM. Apart from Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, the name of Brahm Mohindra was included but at the last minute the bet was reversed and OP Soni was sworn in along with Randhawa for the Deputy CM.

The price paid for being close to the captain
Mohindra is considered close to former CM Captain Amarinder Singh. It is said that Mohindra was once a staunch opponent of the Captain, but after the 2017 assembly elections, he came closer to the Captain. This closeness grew so much that he refused to even meet Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was appointed state president of the Congress, until he resolved all his issues with the Capt.

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Mohindra had welcomed the appointment of Navjot Singh Sidhu as the state Congress chief but had also said that he would not meet Sidhu in person until he resolved all his issues with (then) Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. Take it In the recent scenario, after Mohindra’s name cropped up for the Deputy CM, it was believed that the party had played this trick to please the angry Captain but now it seems that by cutting Mohindra’s leaf, the party has sent him a β€˜stern’ message. have tried. However, this is a development indicating the growing influence of Sidhu in the state Congress.

Who is Mohindra?
Born in Ludhiana, Punjab, Brahm comes from the Mohindra Sood community. However, in his political role, he has been more active around Patiala. He has become MLA on Congress ticket for 8 times. Presently, he is an MLA from Patiala Rural Assembly. Mohindra is not only a seasoned politician but also has ample administrative experience. He used to look after the local bodies department in Captain Sarkar.

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