Man asked parents to go out of his life after they secretly DNA tested his baby| Parents doing something like this in doubt, son broke all relations; Pain expressed on social media

Washington: The happiness of becoming a father of a person living in America disappeared when he came to know about the actions of his parents. The man’s parents had doubts about the character of their daughter-in-law and to remove this doubt, they took such a step that the son was hurt. The victim’s son has shared the entire story on social media, on which people are commenting in various ways.

Parents dislike wife

According to the report of ‘Mirror’, a man has written on the social media platform Reddit that his parents disliked his wife from the beginning and when she gave birth to the child, the parents were only on her character. Started doubting. He also secretly got the child’s DNA test done. The man and his wife met in a restaurant, after which they decided to settle down.

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Was disappointed to hear of the marriage

In his post, the person wrote, ‘My wife was a waitress, so the family members do not like her. Parents think that my wife is only using me to achieve her dream in America. I told him that it is racist and I am deeply hurt by his perception. The man told that when he told the parents about the marriage, they were disappointed and refused to give their blessings.

came back two years later

After this the person left the parents’ house. He invited only his brother and wife’s best friends to witness the wedding. The victim’s son further told that after two years a child was born to him, whom he named ‘Gareth’. Two days later, his parents came in contact again. He started meeting the child regularly, but one day he heard something that hurt him very much.

Mother apologizes to son

The man said, saw the parents playing with Gareth and heard the grandfather saying to the child, ‘I am very happy to confirm that you are indeed my grandson’. They didn’t know that I was standing behind. After this, when I asked the mother what it meant, she first apologized and then told that she got Gareth’s DNA tested to be sure whether he is our grandson or not. On hearing this, the son got angry and asked the parents to go away from his life. Actually, the face of the child was not being found from the family, so the parents of the young man had taken this step.



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