Minister ram surat rai narrated hanuman chalisa to data entry operator for honesty | Minister troubled by corruption in the department, Hanuman Chalisa’s chaupai narrated for honesty

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Patna: Corruption has been a major problem in the land and revenue department. The ministerial officers of the department are busy in fixing the system. The pain of ministerial officers has also been seen from time to time from many forums. A similar picture was seen in Patna on Monday, when on the occasion of the training workshop of Data Entry Operators, the minister had to take the help of Hanuman Chalisa’s chaupai to teach the lesson of honesty.

However, to boost the morale of the operators, the minister also offered the desired posting on the basis of work. Actually, the occasion was for the workshop for the training of 534 data entry operators and the minister of the department, Ram Surat Rai, was also in full swing. The ministers engaged in removing the corruption spread in the department are also taking care that the new employees do not get mites of corruption.

Minister taught the lesson of honesty to the data entry operators
Before joining the post of Data Entry Operator, the minister also taught the lesson of honesty in a different way to the employees of the department who took training. For this, Minister Ramsurat Rai had to resort to the chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa.

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The disease will start taking home in the body.
Minister Ramsurat Rai said, ‘Honesty is the best policy’. There is definitely some trouble in this. But with time the problem also goes away by itself. But when people go on the wrong path, it feels good in the beginning. You have a lot of wealth but you will not sleep at night. The disease starts making its home in your body. At the time of death, people also start chanting, ‘Bhoot vampires do not come near’. Similarly, the surveillance and ED departments will go after you. So work honestly.

‘Data operators will be punished’
Ramsurat Rai further said that the data entry operator is now being given his own dongle. In case of wrong digital signature from dongle, then the data entry operator will be responsible for that. It should be improved soon. Data operators will be liable to punishment if they are wrong intentionally.

‘People are God, serve them’
He said, ‘Complaint is coming at the CO-CI employee level. Need to talk to people lovingly. People are God, serve them. We are the servants of the people, not the masters.

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Offer of desired posting
The minister said in a stern tone to the new data entry operator, ‘You have just joined. Do not lobby any leader-MLA for the posting you want. First you do good work, name it and then based on your performance, I will do your desired posting. Rai also announced to give Parker Company’s pen and pendrive to 11 selected operators to encourage data entry operators.

Don’t think of becoming a millionaire in a day
At the same time, Vivek Singh, Additional Chief Secretary of the department, who was present on the spot, said that Data Entry Operators are an important part of the department. Vivek Singh said that there is no greater wealth than respect. Don’t think of becoming a millionaire in a day. The department has received the National Award for its good work in the digital sector. I have instructed the officers, there is a need to do better work on two issues.

Singh said that identify the wrongdoers and train the new ones in a better way so that they do not fall into the wrong stream like the old ones.



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