Most industry chiefs keen to try start-ups


About 90% of C-Suite professionals from the industry are willing to explore Indian start-up solutions to address boardroom challenges, according to a white paper released by the CII Institute of Logistics.

Recently, CII conducted primary research, interviewing 50 Indian start-ups and 50 C-Suite professionals (C-Suite generally refers to CEOs, COOs and CFOs), to identify priorities and opportunities. The white paper evaluated whether global service levels at Indian cost could be a reality.

According to the white paper, the challenges from the boardroom were mapped with solutions being offered by the start-ups. Status in terms of current adoption level and willingness to explore Indian start-up solutions have been captured as part of this initiative, it said in a statement.

About 76% of Indian start-ups need support in industry connect and 65% require a platform to be visible to potential clients, it added. The white paper further said that cost optimization, process streamlining and automation were the top priorities for business. Deep learning, machine learning, predictive analytics, cloud computing, IOT would be the technology levers to address cost optimization and process streamlining.

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