Russia: Man injected petroleum jelly for biceps, now doctors warned to death| Former Soldier did something like this in the craze of building a quick body, it came to life

Moscow: In the desire to build a body, sometimes people do something that makes life. The same thing happened to a person living in Russia. Doctors have warned the ex-serviceman and bodybuilder that due to his whims, he may also die. Actually, this former soldier named Kirill Tereshin had injections of petrol jelly, so that biceps could be formed quickly. However, his bet backfired.

got multiple injections

According to a report in β€˜Daily Mail’, 25-year-old Kirill Tereshin is very fond of making body. He keeps looking for new ways to do this. One day he got injections of petrol jelly in his hands. After some time he got many more injections, so that the biceps could be made as soon as possible. At first its effect was visible, but after some time its side effects started appearing.

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Biceps become 24 inches

Due to petroleum jelly, Kirill’s biceps became 24 inches and the condition of his hands started deteriorating. Not only this, gradually due to this jelly, there were lumps in his hands. After which he had to be admitted to the hospital. The team of doctors told that until the lumps of petroleum jelly are not removed from his body, his condition will not improve. Doctors say that these lumps can cause his death.

Soon there will be another surgery

It has been told in the report that doctors have decided to undergo surgery for Kirill Tereshin. Cynthol oil and dead muscle tissue were removed from Kirill’s hands through surgery. Although his fake triceps has been removed by performing a surgery, he will have to undergo another operation to recover completely. Surgeon Dmitry Melnikov categorically warns that the risk of complications in this case is very high. If these knots are not removed then death can also occur.

now realized the mistake

Dmitry Melnikov told that the hardened petroleum jelly will be removed through the operation. It is a very difficult task and we hope everything was done. At the same time, Kirill Tereshin has now expressed regret over the craze of making body by injection. He said, β€˜I don’t know that it would have such dire consequences. I agree that there was a mistake, now I am just praying that the surgery will be successful.



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