Here is a Bull Spread Strategy on Alkem Labs by Nandish Shah of HDFC Sec

Bull spread Strategy on ALKEM LAB Buy ALKEM SEPT 4000 CALL at Rs 78 & simultaneously sell 4100 CALL at Rs 48 Lot Size 200 Cost of the strategy Rs 30 (Rs 6000 per strategy) Maximum profit Rs 14000 If ALKEM closes at or above 4100 on 30 Sept expiry. Breakeven Point Rs 4030 Rationale: We have seen long build up in the ALKEM Futures, where we have seen 11% rise (Prov) in the Open Interest with price rising by 1.5%. The stock price has broken out on the daily…

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HDFC home loans start at 6.7%, tied to credit score

MUMBAI: HDFC has said that its home loans will start at 6.7% across all loan slabs and for all customers having credit scores of 800 and above, irrespective of their occupation. The rates are part of a festival scheme for those who avail of disbursement by end-October. As a result of this revised policy, salaried borrowers could see their interest rates come down by 45 basis points (100bps = 1 percentage point) and creditworthy self-employed borrowers seeking loans above Rs 75 lakh would see their interest costs drop by up…

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