The appearance of liquor shops is going to change in Delhi, the system that takes hands in the window is closed | The appearance of liquor shops is going to change in Delhi, the system that takes hands in the window is closed

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New Delhi: The liquor policy of the country’s capital has been in discussion for a long time. Now shops will be opened in Delhi from November 17 under the new excise policy, in which many changes will be seen. Now the government has made changes in many rules from the sale of liquor to the license of liquor. Under this policy, changes have also been made in the rules regarding the age of buying liquor in Delhi and now there are new rules regarding the liquor shop as well. That is, now the liquor shops in Delhi are going to be seen in a new way.

Big changes are going to happen soon in the liquor shops in Delhi and now you will not have to take liquor from the counter. Let us know how the liquor shops are going to be in Delhi and how the liquor will be sold to the customers.

  • Now liquor shops will be found in any market, mall, road, complex etc.
  • No liquor shop will be able to open near schools, religious institutions.
  • At present, there are many wards in Delhi where there is not a single shop and there are many wards where 10-15 shops are nearby. Therefore, its rationalization has also been done by dividing Delhi into 32 zones.
  • Now customers will not have to buy liquor at the shops by putting their hands in the net. To get liquor, the customer has to go inside and buy liquor. In such a situation, you will have to go inside like a super market and take the liquor of your choice and pay the bill.
  • Every customer will be given entry in the shop and they will go there and take alcohol themselves.
  • Glass doors will be installed in all shops.
  • Under this policy, customers will not be able to gather outside a shop or on the footpath.
  • All the shopkeepers will have to install AC in their shop.
  • All the shopkeepers will now have to install CCTV cameras and CCTV cameras are required to be installed outside the shop as well. Apart from this, shopkeepers will also have to keep its recording for 1 month.
  • The shopkeeper will have to maintain law and order outside the shop. If the complaint of the shopkeeper is received, then his license will be canceled by taking action against him.
  • The carpet area of ​​the shop should be at least 500 square feet.

Liquor shops will remain closed for some days

Private liquor shops are going to be closed in Delhi from October. From October 1 to November 16, liquor will be sold only at government shops for 47 days. From October 1 to the next 47 days, liquor will be sold only in government shops in Delhi.

260 private shops will be closed

At present, there are more than 720 liquor shops running in Delhi, of which 260 are private shops. According to the new excise policy, after the allocation of licenses in all 32 zones, the government had extended the license of private liquor shops till September 30, it will not be issued any further. Because of this, all 260 private shops will be closed from October 1.

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