Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 update is coming: Here’s what to expect

Battlegrounds Mobile India, (BGMI) updates usually follow after major updates to the global version of PUBG Mobile, which is hardly surprising since the two games are practically the same. PUBG mobile recently received the new 1.6 update, which brings the new ‘Resistance: Survival of the Fittest’ theme. The new update is soon set to come to Battlegrounds Mobile India as well.

We saw this happen with the earlier Mission Ignition update featuring Tesla’s Gigafactory and vehicles in the game along with other elements. Now with the 1.6 ‘Resistance: Survival of the Fittest’ update live for PUBG Mobile, it is only a matter of time before the new update hits BGMI as well. Check out the new PUBG Mobile update in the video below.

The new 1.6 update will bring a new Flora Menace gameplay mode, where the Erangel map has been invaded by alien plantations known as Yarilo. The plants have taken over major urban settlements in the game, leading to unique gameplay mechanics including new Rejuvenation Barriers with healing properties.

This time, players will be competing against not just each other, but also against the alien invasion as they conduct investigations, reclaim energy, and head into battle with new weapon drops with the new DynaHex Supplies.

Also expected with the new update are new skins for weapons and new outfits for players, which could be offered as a login bonus. New weapons as well as technology that will help you track enemies in-game is expected as well.

The new update is expected to come to both Android and iOS devices soon and should pop up on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store when available. Players can simply head over to their app stores to update the game and enjoy the new 1.6 version.

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