iphone indian helpsome of blurry photo from the iPhone 6 Plus camera,  from the  Apple’s Support Forums

  • Apple finally launched an iSight Camera replacement program for the iPhone 6 Plus customers, which will see the company replacing the camera module in a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus devices that have a faulty rear-facing camera.Apple created new portal to support with case of camera replacement, some iPhone 6 Plus units that were sold between Sep of 2014 and Jan of 2015 unfortunately it could have a component that can fail and cause photos to look blurry.

    iPhone 6 Plus units that are producing blurry photos and have an eligible serial number will get their cameras replaced from Apple at no charge. Replacement units  obtained by

  • Apple’s online support team,
  • An Apple retail store, or
  • An Apple Authorized Service Provider.The feedback from the iPhone 6 Plus users have been complaining of blurry photos since the  first launches from Sep of 2014. Because the iPhone 6, which does not have Optical Image Stabilization, is not affected.

Apple recommends that affected users prepare for the replacement process by backing up their data to iTunes or iCloud.  The iSight Camera Replacement Program will cover iPhone 6 Plus iSight cameras for 3 years .Apple also warns that iPhone 6 Plus units with physical damage like a cracked screen cant accept thier requests.