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Indians are weeping and it’s all about  the hike in price of onions. ,In  Asia’s largest onion market ,Lasangaon witnessed a record price of Rs 55 — the highest in five years. As a result, Local Onion retailers have started lifting up their rates to Rs 70-80 per kg.

Most of the agriculturist reported its due to the water and  inflation makes them  too risky this year. This skyrocketing prices of onions at this time, surprising as it may be the price of chicken is cheaper than that of onions — Rs 70/kg. So, the better go for chicken till the prices comes down.

Especially for Hindus this month is the Holy month of shravan , which many Hindus avoiding from eating non-veg . Our advice is to avoid the onion as much as you can till the price comes down . Finally students  and peoples must have an awareness of Indian agriculture .