lamborghini -indian help


All time favorite car Lamborghini Gallardo has burst a flame on rear portion . Badarpur police said that  a Lamborghini Gallardo comes with flames on Monday morning in south Delhi.  But good news is Nobody was hurt. The sudden fire occurs on the rear section of the car where the location of Engine, which has its mammoth 5.2 litre engine.  

The driver of the yellow-coloured Lamborghini car designed to escape without any injuries. The incident took place at around 9 am under a flyover in Badarpur. Police said that, we have sent the Rs.2.5 crore car for a detailed analysis to find out the reason for  bursting flames on the engine section .see One of the most expensive car has burst in back in minutes but no problem still we have Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 ! Lol