Congress counters PM Modi’s ‘long flight’ tweet with Manmohan’s Air India One picture

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo from Air India One, which showed him going through papers and doing file work during his long flight to the US, evoked a counter and a dig from the Congress using an old picture of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh .
“A long flight also means opportunities to go through papers and some file work,” Prime Minister Modi said in a tweet which had an image of him engrossed in reading files on board the aircraft.

PM’s tweet was shared widely by several ministers, who praised his dedication for service to the nation.

However, the Congress came up with a counter and a dig at the Prime Minister.
Sharing an image of former PM Dr Manmohan Singh addressing press conferences on board Air India One, the Congress took a swipe and said “Some photographs are harder to copy.”

The party followed it up with another tweet, this time in Hindi, with photos of both PM Modi and ex-PM Manmohan Singh on board the Air India One and said ” This is the difference between the working style and thought process of two governments. Difference of accountability and responsibility.”
PM Modi has often been targeted by the opposition, especially the Congress, for not addressing any press conference till now.

An old tweet by Vibhakar Shastri of his grandfather and former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri reading files on an aircraft added to the debate on social media.

While some said that PM Modi got the idea of ​​his aircraft tweet from Vibhakar Shastri’s tweet, the BJP supporters used the image to show how the two leaders were alike in their thoughts.

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