Organic Molecules Responsible For Life On Earth Are Presented In Galaxy 100 Times More Than Previously Thought: Molecules giving life to Earth are spread throughout space, are they giving birth to aliens too?

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Are we alone in the whole universe? The search for the answer to this question has been going on for many decades and despite all the claims, the search for life beyond Earth is still going on. A recent study seems to suggest that this mystery will be solved soon. Scientists have discovered large deposits of organic molecules around young stars in our Milky Way galaxy. These molecules are responsible for life on Earth.

The foundation of life was laid on earth
According to research led by the University of Leeds, it was only because of these organic molecules that life on Earth was possible. Now their quantity has been found to be 100 times more than before. University co-principal investigator Catherine Walsh said that the material necessary for life on our planet is also found around other stars. He said that it is likely that the molecules necessary for the beginning of life will be readily available in the atmosphere necessary for the formation of planets.
Greenhouse gases continue to increase like this, then by 2060 the wind speed in the Atlantic Ocean will be badly affected.
Molecules around young stars
There are about 400 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. At least one planet orbits each star. Millions of stars are in the β€˜Goldilocks Zone’ where water is liquid. Lead author Dr Jean Illy said these extremely complex organic molecules are found in different environments throughout space. These were identified in the β€˜protoplanetary disk’ of young stars orbiting gas and dust.

can also manufacture RNA
Dr Ily said that laboratory and theoretical studies show that these molecules are essential as β€˜raw ingredients’ for biological chemistry on Earth. Under the right conditions, they form sugars, amino acids and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Biologists believe that the first life on Earth was based on RNA. He explained that although many of the environments where these complex organic molecules are found are far from forming planets.

Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy (file photo)



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