The French government says that Australia has betrayed it by ending a multi-billion dollar deal with it. Australia has signed a new deal with the US and the UK for nuclear-powered submarines. France is very angry about this AUKUS deal and has even called it a stab in the back. France also recalled its ambassadors from America and Australia, perhaps for the first time in modern history. In such a situation, it becomes important to understand that what is the reason for this displeasure of France?

What’s wrong with France?
According to a CNN report, France will suffer a loss of $ 65 billion if Australia breaks this deal. This deal was done for diesel powered submarines. France is a major arms exporter around the world and its defense sector is at risk of a major economic setback due to the cancellation of the deal. Not only this, it may also suffer strategic losses in the Indo-Pacific region where it was trying to consolidate its position.

France Australia Tension: ‘Australia stabbed in the back’, France furious over nuclear submarine deal with America, said – Trump remembered
wanted to increase trade with australia
According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Australia was the fourth largest importer of arms between 2010 and 2020, while France was the third largest importer of arms. During this, 6% of arms went from France to Australia. It mainly provided transports, combat helicopters and torpedoes. Obviously the two were not dependent on each other, but France expected the situation to be better than the 12 Attack-class conventional submarines.

Water on hopes of ending American ‘raj’
France is very angry with the secret agreement between America, Britain and Australia, especially with America. France hoped that with the deal, its closeness with Australia would increase. According to the report of The Guardian, France also wants to protect its interests. The cancellation of a key defense deal has fueled speculation that Europe will also push for self-reliance to reduce dependence on the US. French President Emmanuel Macron has already hinted about this.

Australia is mobilizing nuclear submarines to compete with China, join hands with Britain-US
America stabbed itself in the back?
There was a time when America was ruled by Britain. France played a big role in his independence. Everything was delivered from ideology to military support. America’s freedom fighters were learning about this war from France. It is even said that if the power of the ideas of France had not been given, America would never have been able to muster the courage to come out of Britain’s shadow. France also sent the army and gave financial help to the American movement. Now that modern America has cut its leaf, it is evident that its displeasure is to such an extent.

Look at the maneuvers of the Russian army, firing from warships, fighter planes and tanks

Why America is angry with Australia, France

Why America is angry with Australia, France



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