Side effect of sleeping with makeup brmp | Never sleep at night by applying makeup, the skin can be bad, these are the disadvantages

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side effect of sleeping with makeup: Usually we all know that there is harm in sleeping at night with make-up, but most of us do not know how many disadvantages are there in sleeping with make-up at night. Skin experts say that if you sleep at night without cleaning the make-up, then the face gets damaged in many ways, which can take months to recover.

Skin care experts say that leaving make-up on at night causes bacteria to leave a lot of dirt on the skin, which slows down collagen production under the skin. Due to this, not only the skin but also many other types of problems can come on the face.

Disadvantages of sleeping with makeup

1. Risk of eye infection

Sleeping with make-up at night leaves hands on the eyes. Apart from this, eye make-up can be moved around from the pillow. Therefore, it is not necessary that this make-up only harms the skin, but the bacteria released from make-up can infect the eye as well. So clean your face thoroughly before sleeping.

2. Facial Gets Dirty
Skin experts say that while sleeping at night, natural oil comes out from under the skin, which creates natural lubrication in the hair follicles. This keeps the skin soft. When the make-up is slept without removing, then this oil sticks to the dirt accumulated on the skin and bacteria get trapped in it and spread the dirt. That’s why your face starts looking mushy.

3. Premature Wrinkles
Throughout the day, dirt and make-up remain trapped in the skin, due to which the skin gets less oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen, the skin does not get natural moisture and the process of collagen production also slows down. Therefore, premature wrinkles start appearing in the skin.

4. Gets dull and dull skin
When one sleeps all night with makeup on, dead cells and oil get trapped in the outer layer of the skin and it disturbs the natural process of the skin. Due to this, the complexion of the face starts getting worse and blurred. So always sleep with your face clean.

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The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.



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